Mills Nutrient Complete Range


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Mills Nutrient Complete Range offers your plants everything they need from start to finish.

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Mills Nutrient Complete Range

Mills Nutrient Complete Range offers your plants everything they need from start to finish. The pack contains:

A+B – 1L

Mills A&B Basis is a 2-part mineralbased base nutrient that can be used during both the vegetative growth and bloom stages of your plant’s life cycle. Mills is typically used in hydroponic systems, but can also be used on soil and coco substrates.
Mills Base A&B has everything needed for fast, healthy growth alongside a bounty of flowers by increasing nutrient absorption and stimulating photosynthesis. Mills Basis A&B protects against common houseplant pests and diseases.

Using Base A&B, you can help your plants reach their full potential by seeing significant improvements in final yields, but without having to compromise on aroma, taste and overall quality. With Base A&B, you’ll be seeing the results faster than ever before!

Start-R – 1L

Mills Start-R is a biostimulant designed for use at the very beginning of the plants life during the propagation stage but should also be continued throughout vegetative growth and in the first week of flowering.

Mills Start-R stimulates roots by stimulating growth and increasing nutrient absorption through the root zone, which in turn promotes vigorous plant growth, overall improved health, and plentiful branching as the plant heads towards flowering.

Start-R can, and should, also be used when transplanting from a propagator to a hydroponic system or at each stage of the growing process in coco and soil as it can help the plant cope with potential shocks.

C4 – 1L

Mills C4 is a biostimulant supplement used in the mid to late bloom period to help plants produce not just healthy fruits and flowers, but also increase their size, density and final weight, giving growers yields they never imagined were possible.

Described as a bloom burst, Mills C4 will also assist with the plants natural oils production along with sugar production, yielding sweeter and more vibrant fruits. C4 can also be used in all grow systems, so whether you grow in hydro, soil or coco, C4 can be added to your nutrient solution to help you achieve amazing results come harvest time.

Calmag – 1L

Mills CalMag, for soft water solutions, supplies your plants with all the vital minerals of magnesium and calcium they need for a healthy plant growth and to aid in nutrient absorption and photosynthesis. Calcium and magnesium levels will increase, and so will the overall quality and health of your plants.

CalMag will also help to prevent mineral deficiencies and stop issues such as discoloured leaves and stunted growth.

This formula makes softer water harder for plants to absorb nutrients. It also helps boost and stabilise your EC levels back into the right range, allowing for more productive growth. Water softness in a area can mean your plants have a lack of calcium and magnesium, and if this seems to be the case, a CalMag supplement can help balance that out.

Ultimate PK – 1L

Mills Ultimate PK has been put on the market following intense research and field testing to provide you, the grower, with the ultimate heavyweight bloom booster that is suitable for use in all growing techniques, whether hydro, coco or soil based.

Designed to be used in the last 2-4 weeks of the flowering cycle, Ultimate PK will give your plants that final burst of Phosphorus and Potassium as they near harvest time, helping them produce an abundance of healthy, dense fruits pushing their final yields above expectations.

But that’s not all: Ultimate PK does more than give the appearance of abundant fruits. It improves both the overall aroma and taste of your harvest, making this, as the name implies, the ultimate PK bloom booster for your plants.

Vitalise – 250ml

Mills Vitalize feeds your plants with the necessary silicon that helps strengthen and develop your plants.

This formula will give your plants an enhanced resistance to diseases and pests as well as improve their overall immune systems. Silicon helps build up the structure of your plants, creating a stronger, more robust plant.

There will be an increase in nutrient uptake, improved nutrient absorption, improved root structure and size, and less mineral toxicity and water loss. All these factors combine to create healthy plants.

Use Mills Vitalize throughout grow and bloom cycles to see great results and increased yields. It can be mixed with other fertilisers and is easy to use as a foliar supplement.